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Sons of the Empire by CJ Underwood

CJ Underwood is currently blogging a novel called Sons of the Empire.


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Gregory Liffick interview

Gregory Liffick interviewed by Frank Burton 

Gregory's poetry collection, Otherwise, can be downloaded for free or read online here.  

How would you define your poetry?

Poetry is a simpler, more honest way of saying things. You eliminate the small talk, the unnecessary words, and get right to the point.

How does 'Otherwise' compare to your other chapbooks, 'Watershed'
and 'Earth'?

I think those earlier books were steps toward "Otherwise." I couldn't have written "Otherwise" without first working things out through "Watershed" and "Earthbound."

Who are your influences?

I'm not sure who my influences are. I've enjoyed a wide variety of poets, including Shakespeare, Dickinson, Bukowski, cummings, Ferlinghetti, Poe and Dylan Thomas. "Don't go gentle into that good night" is a personal favorite of mine.

Can you describe your writing process?

I have difficulty getting into the frame of mind to write, but once I'm there the poems seem to pour out of me. The words come quickly and easily, so to speak, if they are right.

Do you write in other forms as well?

I've attempted to write plays and short stories. So far, no luck with theatre. I've had a couple of stories published.

You're also an artist and a musician. Is there an overlap between
your poetry and these other art forms?

A co-worker of mine said my poems sound like the way I talk everyday. I think my art and music are similar. Their voice is also my natural voice.

What advice would you give to new writers?

Like the Nike commercial slogan, "Just do it." Nothing is going to happen if you don't put anything out there.

How do you feel about online publishing? 

With so much online these days, I think online publishing is a viable to get your work seen. Online journals have been good to me.