Monday, 21 June 2010

Two New Collections

Two extraordinary new poetry collections from Philistine Press …

Valve Works by Rob Sherman

Taking the human body as its theme, Valve Works mixes poetry, art and science with originality and style.

Sample poem:


A sac-like enlargement of the alimentary canal.

Random House Dictionary

The greatest democracy curls beneath my lungs.

It greets the heavy politics of bread

And the haemorrhaged logic of satsuma

Equally and with aplomb.

The cardia opens like a crab's jaw

And the forum within bubbles and shifts

To the offbeat of burp and spew.

Debate is done amongst hydrogen

And then, at the Pyloric door

The terraces of dark, the country, the scent of glue.

Read more here.

The Birth of Taliesin The Bard by Richard Britton

Based on the mythical tale from the Welsh Mabinogion, Richard Britton's rich gothic tale breathes new life into the neglected form of narrative poetry.

The book begins like this …

Keridwen laboured as if her womb was filled
With stones fired in the acidic larva
That gored its path to fathom valleys
Between the star-threatening peaks
Of Snowdonia, in sleepless prehistory,
As time cut its cord from its creator.
Tegid Voel, her lord, glanced once only
At the wretched bundle, the love
For which had stemmed her bitter blood,
And then left the room to take wine.

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