Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rob Sherman Interview and Review (and the meaning of the term "cutting edge")

A big thanks to Dan Holloway for the following review of Rob Sherman's Valve Works in PANK Magazine:

Valve Works Review.

Dan raises a fair point about Philistine claiming to be "cutting edge," which I must admit to having done on a few occasions when we first started out - even though I fully acknowledge that the term "cutting edge" means very little to me, and I'm not 100% sure what it even means. In the review, Dan praises Philistine for publishing quality work, but says the books we publish aren't necessarily cutting edge. It's a fair cop.

I'm going to avoid using the term in the future. I suppose it's difficult to find concise ways of describing what we do, especially when we're pretty eclectic. Actually, eclectic is a good word. I'll start using that more.

Dan also reviewed Rob on his blog, which you can read here:

Rob Sherman Interview

Rob Sherman's Valve Works can be read online or downloaded as a PDF here.

Dan Holloway's website is


  1. On the other hand, I DO think what you're doing is cutting edge. I love your free model, and I love your commitment to quality, and the fact you say "here we are, this is what we do" and don't go on the defensive at all as so many alternative groups do. And i love your energy and drive and vision.
    I hope we can work together some time - I've just set up and is about to celebrate its first anniversary. It's great to meet someone else doing the things I believe in - and doing them so well

  2. Thanks once again for the high praise, Dan :)

    Same goes to you and your great projects.

    BTW, I think you wrote the link wrong for Eight Cuts Gallery - the link that works for me is