Monday, 20 June 2011

New Ebook: The Joy of Atheism by Annette Greenaway

Annette Greenaway was the first writer to be published by Philistine Press when we launched in 2010. Now she's back with her second collection of poems, several of which have been showcased on this blog in recent months.

Funny, touching and packed with attitude, The Joy of Atheism is a mini-masterpiece. It's partly an atheist manifesto and partly a book about life, art and love.

Read the full collection online or download it for free here.

Sample poem:


She’s not me,

That child who sucked the nipple off her dummy

And drenched her bib in second hand orange juice.

She’s not me,

That spiteful brat who slammed her sister’s fingers in the door

When she lost at Monopoly.

She’s not me,

That teen who didn’t want to go to school

Assuming she was fat and ugly because no one told her otherwise.

She’s not me,

That girl who went out clubbing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

And didn’t pay for any drinks.

She’s not me,

That woman who allowed her boyfriend to treat her like dirt,

And secretly enjoyed it.

Sometimes I recall these people,

Inherited memories from my skin’s former occupants,


In real life.

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