Monday, 30 July 2012

Gertrude Stein & Pablo Picasso

Gertrude Stein's poem, "If I Told Him - A Completed Portrait of Picasso" can be read and listened to here.  (The audio version is good for a laugh.)

And here's Picasso's painting of Gertrude Stein:

I think that covers everything.  


  1. Two things occur to me. Firstly, although I love Modernist texts (from the period), is that because of the context? Stein was innovative; someone using repetitions and fragments in the same way today would be pretentious, maybe. When the modernists changed all before them, it was a reaction against the vulgar, the staid, the average. So, where does that leave us all?

    Secondly, I thought whoever had spent weeks on Audacity snipping and shifting Stein to a clicktrack had done a great job! I fed my five-month old whilst listening to it: it made him smile! That's usually a good indicator of value, regardless of ideology. (He cries when I play the chords to 'Dancin' On The Ceiling', so there you go.)

  2. I think the poem works regardless of context - if I'd been told it was written by a new writer in 2012 rather than Stein, I'd still think it was great.

  3. wow.thats nice Blog.
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    Pablo Picasso