Thursday, 13 December 2012

Best European Fiction 2012: a one-word review

Here's a one word review of Best European Fiction 2012


Actually, I'd use the same word to describe all four volumes of this anthology series so far.  That includes the 2013 anthology which I haven't read yet (although it's already available).

Fiction translated into English is a scarce commodity, and short story anthologies are equally rare, so when so many great European short-stories are brought to the attention of the English-reading public in such a comprehensive way, it's worthy of the word "important".  It's almost worthy of the word "vital". 

Besides anything else, Best European Fiction 2012 is a brilliant book - consistently interesting, surprising and entertaining throughout.

Book of the year, maybe?  Difficult to say.  I'd have to read all the other books just to make sure.  But I reckon it's up there with the best.  

Visit the Dalkey Archive website for more details, including readings, discussions and author profiles, etc. 

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