Friday, 26 April 2013

New ebook - Life.exe, a novella by Stephen Moles

As ever, this ebook can be downloaded for free from

About the book 
Life.exe is a story about sex, drugs and books.  It’s an exploration of language, bending words and phrases into surreal and beautiful patterns.  In Wittgenstein’s words, “If a lion could speak, we could not understand him”.  Life.exe is a demonstration of what it would be like to live among lions, linguistically speaking.  Despite the author’s use of seemingly unintelligible words, Life.exe remains a meaningful tale, accessible to all.

About the author 

Stephen Moles has had novelettes published by Swamp Tea and Biscuits and Blue Lake Review; short stories published by Pif Magazine, Red Fez, Gone Lawn, Why Vandalism? and Gemini; other shorter pieces of fiction and poetry have appeared in Molotov Cocktail, Censored Poets, Flashshots and Blink Ink; his work was also chosen for Matchbook's Google ads project. The author describes his work as "the thrown voice of infinity."  

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