Thursday, 13 May 2010

Two New Releases from Andy Hopkins

Two new releases are now up on the website - both by the multi-talented Andy Hopkins.

First of all, there's the poetry collection, "Dark Horse Pictures."

Originally published by Selkirk Lapwing Press in 2007, Andy Hopkins' acclaimed poetry collection is a deep, dark labyrinth of language.

Next we have the Ash Pony You Climb EP - our first music release.

Sample poem:

Dark Horse Pictures

Some day soon you’ll find me in a picture.

Lost for words in a dark horse picture.

Caught on film in the collage of your memory.

A stolen,

still, black and white reminder.

With peel away names and scratch away faces,

a grazing herd of dark horse pictures

is flash bleached against your skyline. I

saw I was ambushed in your landscape I

heard I was airbrushed from your photo I

thought I was glued into the margin I

feel I was ripped out of the canvas I’m

anonymous I

have no eyes I

have no laughter I

have no memory I

am immaterial history

in exposed films with startled faces

I look just like a dark horse picture.

Black and then white and then gone.

Black and then white and then

Blackandthenwhiteandthen gone.

Read more here

You can listen to the Ash Pony You Climb EP on, or indeed, right here:

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