Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Gallstones by Rob Sherman

Last week, Rob Sherman contacted me recently with an “extra bit” for his and Sarah Ogilvie’s poetry and art collection, Valve Works. It’s a short story called Gallstones.

I don’t want to go over the top or anything, but I thought it was astonishingly good.

I wasn’t sure about adding it to the collection, however. Firstly, it would be quite time consuming updating the PDF, the online version, the Smashwords version and the Google Books version. Secondly, it’s not a poem, so it doesn’t quite fit in.

So instead we’ve published it on the website as an accompaniment to the collection – the literary equivalent of a DVD extra or a hidden track. The only difference between this and a hidden track is that it’s not very well hidden – it’s advertised on the home page of the website with the words “New short story by Rob Sherman”.

Well, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss it.

Read Gallstones here.

Read Valve Works here.

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