Friday, 27 May 2011

Extract of the Moment: Annette Greenaway

Taken from Annette Greenaway's poetry collection, Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box, which can be read online or downloaded for free here.

Accidental acupuncture

Jeremy was walking around barefoot
When he trod on a drawing pin
And cured his acne.

Norman fell down the stairs,
And landed on a knitting needle.
It went right through his eyeball.
His vision was never the same,
But it did wonders for his IBS.

Christina was reaching for the loofah in the shower,
But absent-mindedly grabbed the loofah-shaped cactus on the windowsill.
It hurt her in places too delicate to mention,
But her arthritis miraculously disappeared.

Jane’s asthma has seen a remarkable improvement
Since she’s been on the heroin.

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