Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Review of Stephanie Newell's The Third Person

A glowing review for Stephanie Newell's The Third Person in Neon Magazine here.

I think I'll quote this bit on the website - "It reads flawlessly, flowingly, with many of the diary entries verging on poetry."

Thanks to Christopher Frost for saying good things about one of our books.

Read or download The Third Person online for free here.

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  1. aha - further to my comment (below) on the interview, I did indeed find a link per directing paypal donations to

    So I have "paid" £5 to the publishers for the pleasure of reading "The Third Person" and added the rubric as below:-

    " Please ensure this is passed along to Stephanie Newell in proportions as appropriate, you'll have to be the judge. This is per the blog post regarding "The Third Person" from Mainframeguy - I followed the links and found the donate button! Please do let Stephanie know how much I enjoyed her work - and now putting my money where my mouth is! thanks very much"

    So if anyone follows in my footsteps - well you know what to do, if you want to show your appreciation.