Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Andy Hopkins Gig 7.07.12

Andy Hopkins Support Gig

In the North West at 8.00pm on Friday June 8th? As part of the Carlisle music festival legendary punk / new wave bands 'The Limps', 'The Exiles' and 'Combo Zombo' have come out of hibernation to do a one-off gig (see http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/features/people/first-gig-in-20-years-for-punk-band-combo-zombo-1.956902?referrerPath=home) at Club Victoria. I will be dusting the guitar down and doing a support slot. Tickets are a fiver. Bargain!

If you come down you'll hear songs from the 'Ash Pony You Climb' EP published/released by Philistine last year. Actually, it's because of the Philistine interest in resurrecting 'Dark Horse Pictures' that I got asked to do the slot. See? Philistine Press = a power for good!

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  1. Nice one Andy. Good to hear we're making an impact.

    Sadly I'll be in the south this week...