Monday, 25 June 2012

Etgar Ketet in Asymptote Journal

The current issue of Asympote features a very early story by one of my favourite short story writers, Etgar Keret.  The story, "Like Bats" is introduced by the author with the following words:

I wrote this story twenty-four years ago—during my three-year stint in the army, very shortly after the death of my best friend who had served with me. The bat insignia mentioned in the story was very common in my army base. Some units had lions, tigers, sharks and elephants to represent them; one had a bat. I'm sure many must have wondered why any unit would choose such a small and ugly and blind animal for an insignia but personally, I quite liked it. During my army years I've felt much more like an upside-down hanging bat than any of those proud predators in all those other units' insignias.
—Etgar Keret

It's accompanied by this piece of artwork by Hugu Muecke: 

Needless to say, there are many equally interesting things on the Asympote Journal website. 

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