Monday, 11 June 2012

Forgotten DIY Heroes II - Combo Zombo

It's 1981, and there just aren't enough songs about zombies. Step up, Combo Zombo; your time is at hand. C.J. Nukem,  Mr Pie, Tiger and (erm) Chuck. Mr Pie, whose real name I believe is Adrian, would go on to win an Emmy, play with the Waterboys and drum on the Mike Flowers' Pops cover of Wonderwall. No, really. The band reformed this weekend for one gig and showed that music really can still be weird and wonderful, and strangely touching - even when the songs are about zombie girlfriends.


  1. They don't make videos like that anymore...:)

  2. They certainly don't! A (typed) note in the sleeve of the 12" said that if you sent a blank VHS they'd copy the video for you; bands these days don't know they're born!

    I have to say, supporting these guys was one of the highlights of my musical 'career' (I am using the word ironically!).

  3. ...I should point out that the word 'career' was the ironic word. It was genuinely the highlight!