Friday, 4 January 2013


I'm pleased to announce that Philistine Press submissions are open once again (after a few months break).  

The guidelines are on the website, but I've reproduced them here, just for the hell of it... 

Submission Guidelines 

Please familiarise yourself with the work on the site before submitting ( 
We are looking for book-length fiction and poetry submissions - novels, novellas, poetry and short story collections - not individual poems or stories.   Non-fiction submissions will also be considered if they sit well alongside our other releases.   
Submissions are accepted by email only – please send your work to Write the word “Submission” and the title of the work in the subject box.  Write a short description of the work in your email, and a short biog if you wish.  Please send as an attachment, preferably a Word document.   
We are interested in original, unconventional work that does not fit comfortably into any one genre.  We like genre fiction – crime, sci-fi, fantasy, etc – but if you are submitting this kind of work, we want you to do something new, not just echo what has gone before.  The same applies for literary fiction, which in many ways is a genre in itself.
Please be aware that if your work is accepted for publication, it will be made available for free, and you will not be paid for your efforts, other than through voluntary donations.  If you’d prefer to actually make money from the venture (and we can’t blame you for that), please submit it to a publisher that pays! 
Potential contributors are welcome to a donation on the understanding that it will not increase or decrease your chances of appearing on the site.  

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