Thursday, 3 January 2013

Evelina Rudan: A Convincing Garden

So, this is the title poem from Evelina Rudan's poetry collection, available to read for free online through Bloesk ...

Read the whole thing here.

a convincing garden

through the main entrance, down the hallway

to the backdoor leading to

the garden

a very convincing garden

one can visit any time

usually you won’t find me there

usually you won’t find anybody there

(but you can always leave a message on the answering machine

or write a note)

you can sit on the bench beneath the window

eat without compulsion

and gaze

from the same bench

having a splendid view of the garden

garden resembling the atrium of the Franciscan monastery

(imaginably at Trsat where people confess at the Feast of the Assumption)

but this garden is a particularly vibrating one

plants having their special beat

at any time of day and night

pulsating with calm vigour and discreet energy

only ivy being more restless and fernery less fluttery

but not making the garden

less convincing

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