Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New Review for Kenneth Pobo's Fitting Parts

Thanks to Shannon Peil for this review:

If previous publications were any indication, Kenneth Pobo's 'Fitting Parts,' published by Philistine Press is here to feature Pobo's punchy, urgent but accessible word craft. 'Fitting Parts' contains 27 poems, widely varying in content and execution. From sharp, cutting derision of the American right to the melancholy image of growing up on the receiving end of distaste and hate as a gay man, the included poems sweep back and forth from rage and sorrow, to courage. Pobo's carefully constructed composition makes every word and line count throughout, skipping flowery language and opting for content rather than laborious poetics. At times his internal monologue feels hopeless, destined to be marginalized and hated by politicians and the very country he calls his own - but interspersed are fierce words of endurance and determination to make his voice heard, unwilling to be stuffed back into the closet and forgotten about.

Shannon Peil, editor of literary journal ''

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