Sunday, 18 April 2010

Two New Releases from Philistine Press

Philistine Press are proud to announce the release of two new ebooks, available for free from

Isotropes: A Collection of Speculative Haibun by TJ McIntyre
TJ McIntyre’s stunning collection of haibun packs a library full of ideas into a compact space. With genres ranging from sci-fi to fairytale to realism, Isotropes is as unclassifiable as it is brilliant.

(Haibun: a literary composition that combines prose and haiku.)

Sample poem:

Promethean Petri Dish

At the microscopic level, the cells split, recombined, and danced a
dance invisible to the naked eye. A tango of sorts, the cells altered
little by little with each gyration, becoming something more than they
were. When they started banging against the lids of my Petri dishes, I
knew I was on to something, and I still could have turned back. But
that was never an option -- I’ve always moved forward and thought this
time should be no exception. I added a little more heat, the glass
broke, and they were free.

the world lost itself
I was nowhere to be found
molecules devoured

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Fitting Parts by Kenneth Pobo
Kenneth Pobo writes about life, politics and sexuality with precision and passion, combining subtle humour with furious anger. The poems in Fitting Parts expertly expose the hypocrisy of the religious right, while serving as a wakeup call to any liberals who believe bigotry no longer exists.

Sample poem:

He Says his Best Days Were in New Orleans

Not sexually

compatible, Harry

and Jim last

a month. Jim’s

into rimming. Harry’s

into long con

versations about

the meaning

of relation


Jim says his best days

were in New Orleans.

Harry doesn’t ask why,

goes in

to take a shower

and when Harry

comes out,

Jim’s gone.

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