Saturday, 15 January 2011


For those who might be interested, I've started a new project this year. A little experiment into online publishing and a personal writing challenge. Beginning last week, I am posting a paranormal suspense novel online. This book will be published online one chapter at a time. This novel is a work in progress, so it will be written more or less "live." It's kind of scary to be writing without a net, but I really look forward to seeing how this project works out.

Should you be interested, the first chapter of TOUCH is available here:

Here's an excerpt:

He wrapped himself as completely as possible with cloth to hide himself from the world, to protect the nerve endings everywhere along his epidermis. He had heard it said that the skin was the largest organ of the human body. He hated that it was also the organ which gave him the most trouble.

Everything he touched told a story. Whether or not he wanted to hear the story was irrelevant.

Even the stitching of his clothes – the tiny threads and various fabrics – left their impressions. He saw writhing silkworms or content sheep. He saw cotton stalks waving in large fields under sunny skies. There were tiny hands pushing fabric through machines. There was the raucous noise of factories and voices in other languages. Sometimes needles pricked skin, and sometimes children were not allowed to be children. In the cloth itself he could detect the faintest hint of pain. The pain was there. It was everywhere and in everything. He wondered why it had taken him so long to notice the pain imbedded in all things. He could not understand how other people could not feel it, too. It was so tangible, so real, and so obvious.