Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Interview with Randy Thurman

Randy Thurman, interviewed by Frank Burton

As an artist, poet and musician, do you consider your music, poetry and art to be three separate things, or does one blend into another?

For me it's a blend. I follow my intuitive sense and see it through.

Who are your influences?

I was raised in small rural town and had very few early influences for my art or music, and now looking back I can say that it was a good thing. Later as more and more recourses became available to me my influences included a very eclectic group of artists, musicians and writers such as Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, John Cage, Arnold Schoenberg, Charles Ives, Son House, Derek Bailey, John Fahey, Lawren Harris, and William Faulkner.

How would you best describe the album, "Hint"?

Experimental, ambient, non-mainstream.

How did you go about creating the music on the album?

I recorded sounds of water dripping, computer printers, kitchen utensils,.homemade musical instruments, and explored odd tunings for violin and guitar. I can honestly say that I used everything AND the kitchen sink!

Would you call yourself a hybrid artist?

There are artists and art critics that insist that an artist must do only one thing to do it well. I think it depends on the artist and their capabilities. As for me, my music feeds off my art and vice versa. I think the creative process is a very individual thing and I feel fortunate that I have had success in my artist endeavorers. Simply put, I follow my own path.

How do you feel about using the Internet as a platform for your work?

I consider it an essential tool for getting my work seen. It levels the playing field and allows me the opportunity to get my work out there. Also I can connect with other like minded people and learn from their experiences. Actually, promoting the work is an art form in itself.

Visit Randy's website at www.randythurman.net.

Download / listen to the album on www.philistinepress.com, or you can do so via Soundcloud right here:

Randy Thurman - Hint by philistinepress

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