Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Beirut39 and Ahmad Saadawi

I'm currently reading the diverse and challenging Hay Festival anthology, Beirut39, a collection of prose and poetry by "39 writers under the age of 39" from the Arab world.

One of the highlights is an extract from Ahmad Saadawi's novel, Frankenstein in Baghdad, a grim re-telling of Mary Shelley's novel featuring a monster created from the body parts of bombing victims. I'm not sure if this is a work of genius or just bad taste, but I'd tempted to go for the former. I wanted to read the full novel, but apparently it isn't available yet.

Another piece of writing by Ahmad Saadawi which covers a similar theme is an essay called Image of an Incomplete Body, which can be read online here.

For more information about Beirut39, visit their page on the Hay Festival website.

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