Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Herman Dune, Lovers Are Waterproof

As has been mentioned previously on this blog, I can't stop listening to the album, "Next Year in Zion" by Herman Dune. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes music. It really is one of the greatest albums of all time.

The songs are all works of poetry in themselves, and work on the page just as much as when they're set to music.

Here are the lyrics to one particular song, Lovers are Waterproof:

There was blood on my hands & hair on my cheeks
I hadn't got a shave in twenty-five weeks
I cracked the window open, I had a handgun in the backseat
You were going 65 on a waterfront street

& I knew that I could trust you to give me a ride
Like the ocean trusts the moon to give it a tide
& you said "I saw someone being killed once when I was fourteen"
& I said "You don't know where I've been"

We were staying up heading south, we were looking for food
There was a song stuck in your head & it wasn't very good
The chorus was lame, it went like "lovers are waterproof"
I was staring at the palm trees through sunroof

& though the gas was expensive here in California
You had been driving me on until the morning on yeah
& you said "Leave your past behind you & it will all come clean"
& I said "You don't know where I've been"

Then you remembered your trunk, it was loaded with beer
You parked the car & said "David, let's have one one the pier"
You stepped onto the sand with no shoes on your feet
I was hungry as hell & said that I needed to eat

Something more than peanut butter on toast
& that the sunrise looked better on the east coast
& you said "Well David, my friend, you're being grumpy & mean,"
& I said "You don't know where I've been, David."

There was a plane taking off & another plane landing
There was a sign that read "breakfast" by the side of a building
You said "An airplane is nothing if you compare it to a pelican"
& I was hoping that the diner sort of place could be a Mexican

Then I would get a breakfast burrito & speak a little Spanish
You said "A bird is silent & it sure can fish"
& inside they were showing my face up on a TV screen
& I said "You don't know where I've been"

Then you said "Get rid of your beard & no one will notice"
& I said "Baby, no one here is going to call the police.
You see the owner looks nice & the waitress she's pretty
To take any of them down would be a freaking pity"

& you said "You scare the shit out of me, you're going too far
You didn't want me before hopping into my car"
& then I said "Well baby you might be the most beautiful woman I've seen
But you don't know where I've been"

"Well, you might be the most beautiful woman I've seen
But you, you don't know where I've been"

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