Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Carnivorous Birds: Space-Time Transients Through Hidden Events In The Transpersonal Libido

It's not often you come across music that's genuinely original, so this album (available on the Free Music Archive) is something very special.

Even if you don't enjoy it (and many people won't), you have to admit it's different.

The closest comparison I could attempt to make would be Captain Beefheart, but this is in no way an imitation.

I'll give this a ten out of ten just for the title (and the fact that it features the most bizarre REM cover I've ever heard).


  1. Folks,
    I am the body behind pleonasmmusic.org and responsible for helping Ken release his Carnivorous Birds material. Thanks for your support. He is a special soul a million times over.
    Warmest, C

  2. Nice one - thanks for getting in touch.

    Great, great music.