Friday, 4 February 2011

Smaller Than Most by Kristine Ong Muslim

Philistine Press's new ebook release is Smaller Than Most, a flash fiction collection by Kristine Ong Muslim - a startling blend of bizarre sci fi, abstract surrealism and twisted fairytales.

The ebook can be downloaded for free or read online at


The Taxidermist and the Girls Made of Dead Things

Something grew from the bruises and the open wounds on their skin. Something that had hands and eyes and tongues and swollen lips. Something that would not whimper. Something that could not be killed by sharp objects or radiation. Something that would not break free from the skin.

The girls scratched and clawed themselves open, conveying red across the room. The taxidermist gave them a hand, excising whatever it was that could be severed with a scalpel, leaving their backsides untouched and the hairballs inside their stomachs intact.

In time, the taxidermist had an empire built by what he had managed to snip from the girls made of dead things. He fashioned leather purses out of them. The girls, in turn, slung his creations on their shoulders.

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