Friday, 11 March 2011

Extract of the Moment: Kenneth Pobo

"Extract of the Moment" is our regular feature showcasing the Philistine writers.

This is taken from Kenneth Pobo's Fitting Parts, which can be read in full online or downloaded for free here.

Warren the Poet

complains about people
not getting him: the poem
I wrote about the sleeping cat
got rejected, the one I did
about a boy getting his eyes
jabbed out, his legs found washed
up on a Lake Michigan shore,
got snapped up, now
what do you make of that?

Dunno. Maybe
you write poorly about cats
and well about violence
or violence is now what
a red rose used to be.
Warren says he may quit writing,

says he wants to be
a leaf.

Poor guy, he’s caught.
New poems work on him
and won’t let him go.

Kenneth Pobo


  1. Nice one. I forgot about this poem :)

  2. I really like the way the title flows into the poem in William Carlos Williams way. I also like the direct address of the persona of Warren. That and I write cats badly, too.

    Great series of posts this - like PP, I had forgotten this poem as well.