Thursday, 17 March 2011

Installation featuring a young Harrison Ford in miniature


Harrison is sealed within a glass bulb similar to a snowflake shaker. The bulb contains an array of wood shavings. Harrison is unable to speak because a wooden staircase is connected from the ground to his mouth. The staircase leads directly to Harrison’s oesophagus. Harrison appears to be in great pain, and on closer inspection you’ll notice he has splinters embedded in his cheeks. But don’t worry – it’s only make-up, and Harrison is acting.


Miniature Harrison stands in the centre of a medium-sized dinner plate. The upper half of his body is dressed as Indiana Jones. He is naked from the waist down. He is watching a live flamingo attempt to mate with a stuffed flamingo. At irregular intervals, Harrison shouts, “It belongs in a museum!”


Harrison is dressed as Han Solo. He is standing in a toilet cubicle. Once again, he is in miniature but the toilet cubicle is life size. He continually attempts to climb the white ceramic tower before him but slips back to the ground each time. The man standing next to you observes that the scene is reminiscent of the struggle of Sisyphus.

Annette Greenaway

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