Monday, 26 September 2011

Cafe Irreal

Cafe Irreal (currently on Issue 39) is one of the most interesting online literary magazines. Everything they publish is of the highest quality, and interestingness (if that's a word) appears to be one of their main criteria for publication.

Equally interesting is the question of what irrealism actually is. An essay by G.S. Evans asks: "What is it, it might be asked, that distinguishes irrealism from these other contemporary genres of literature and art that also ask us to accept the impossibility of their physics? One of the key differences is that, in these other genres, there is an internal consistency to the "impossible" physics of the story; that is, once the reader understands and accepts this alternative physics, he or she can assume that the story and the world it describes will be consistent with it."

More here.

The main Cafe Irreal website is here.

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