Thursday, 1 September 2011

Don Giovanni at Soho Theatre

If you’re after some culture in London over the next couple of weeks, can I heartily recommend the performance of Don Giovanni at The Soho Theatre. It’s not for the purist (I doubt opera purists frequent this site, but just in case), but it is thoroughly good.

The company (Opera Up Close) specially commissioned a new English translation; it is full of comedy and pathos in equal measure. The story is one of a libertine lothario who finally gets his comeuppance. You can get (very reasonable) tickets here until the 17th of September. And you don’t have to wear a tux.

The update features ‘Jonny’ (see what they did there?) who is a banker leading the high life, immorally working through the women of London, abusing all around him in his rapacious greed. I can’t possibly guess what point the company might be making about capitalist money men; can you?
You’ll love it. See what the fuss is about opera, shorn of all of its pretentions.

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