Monday, 17 October 2011

Badbadbad, A Transmedia Novel by Jesús Angel García - a one-word review

As promised a while ago, here's my review of badbadbad:


Everything about it is cool - the subject matter (sex, drugs and rock and roll, minus the drugs), the style in which it's written, and the way it appeals to people who wouldn't usually read books. It's the kind of novel rock stars would recommend. (Expect an endorsement by Nick Cave soon.)

A lot of books with similar themes end up superficial with one-dimensional characters. Badbadbad has a great deal more depth and intelligence. It's much more political than the blurb suggests, although ironically the narrator (also called Jesús Angel García) claims not to be interested in politics - 'You only win if you've already won.'

Another great thing is that it's a book about online culture that doesn't take any part in the 'Isn't the internet great / awful?' debate. The internet is just there. The book is all about the characters, not their means of communication. In addition to the book, there's music and a documentary which can be viewed online here.

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