Monday, 10 October 2011

Interview - alienpoet

alienpoet AKA Daniel Hooks interviewed by Frank Burton.

alienpoet combines music with spoken word, which can be heard at Soundcloud and Podbean.

Do you think more poets should do what you do?

I would encourage poets to consider using music as a backdrop to their poetry but I wouldn't push them to do so it's up to the individual - it's their choice! But sometimes a bit of atmospheric music can add another dimension to the spoken word.

How does the combination of poetry and music differ from songwriting?

It is not so different although I create the poem first the beat next then the music so it's a bit back to front. My emphasis is the words rather than the music for the most part thats the difference although it is a very small difference.

Do you make all your own music or is it a collaboration?

My music is made from royalty free samples as I can't play an instrument so it's all looped together. I use magic music maker. I do collaborations sometimes with DJ Badgersett off of Soundcloud to produce DJ mixes like alienmixology and I have collaborated with my friend who is a singer, Sophie smith.

Do you perform your work at live events?

Yes but only spoken word at poetry gigs and slams I am still working on the live music from computer to PA speakers and performing as alienpoet.

Is it easy to promote yourself online?

Yes and no. I put back links to my other sites on my other sites if you get me! Like on tumblr which is good site for networking there are links to my other sites such as my magazine on Facebook, Soundcloud and Podbean but I am not generally good at networking and making friends online I struggle a bit, but hey, I can still improve!

What advice would you give to poets who want to do the same thing as you?

Most people find it difficult to rap but poetry can work just as well without rapping. Also just get there and experiment you may end up genre breaking! It is better to try than give up and if you ask why you'll already know the answer. You should have started it rather than giving up before you have even started.

Getting a good mic is a good place to start but don't spend too much money on music making programmes unless you're serious about making something out of it!

What's the best platform for music and spoken word online?

Soundcloud is a good place to start. It has a waveform timeline so you can add realtime comments. Podbean is good as it links to the podcast systems on iTunes if you want to reach that audience. Last FM is only good if your an established artist! Myspace is good for artists page and announcing gigs.

Has the internet changed the poetry scene for the better?

Yes, it has made poetry freely available to the masses, i.e. everyone, but it has cheapened it by making it into copy and paste culture. It suits me cause I want to get well known by being infamous as well as famous for having a free PDF of my poetry on Poemhunter under my name Daniel Hooks. Having stuff there for free has made me up my game by creating a magazine which is £4 called Poetic Licence on magcloud with poetry and artwork to supplement what I do though.

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